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Stomach Ache

PMS Rescue 

 A lot of us can relate to feeling bloated, having bad cramps, hormonal breakouts, lack of energy and extreme fatigue during our monthly cycles. Well we are here to rescue you! This drip was created with women in mind, containing all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to allow you not to just survive your menstrual cycle but to take charge of it. 

PMS Rescue is designed to make you feel energized and empowered while dealing with PMS symptoms. B Complex and B-12, to help you feel revitalized and regain loss energy, plenish to hydrate you and help you feel your best, toradol for nausea and cramps, and glutathione for that hormonal acne. Every vitamin and mineral included in this drip will change the game for PMS symptoms.


While other products claim to help you while being on your period, the amazing thing about this drip is that it actually does!


B Complex




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