Basic Drips
Let's be honest...they're not quite as stacked with all the vitamins to fuel your body like our premium drips...they still work in a pinch.  Each drip comes with 200-500 Sodium Saline and enough boost to get you back on your feet and on with your day!
  • Basic Hydration Bag $100

  • The "Hangover" Bag $100

  • The Pregnancy Bag $100 (Hyperemesis) 

  • Glutathione/ Skin Brightening Bag $120

  • Covid Recovery $130

Watermelon and Lotion

Basic Hydration Bag

Sometimes you just need a little extra...with 500 ml of sodium saline, B-complex, and Vitamin B-12...this drip has that extra boost your body is craving!

Pregnant Woman

The Pregnancy Bag

for Hyperemesis

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience...unless you're like the other 50-90% of soon to be mothers,  you get to experience the less than magical part...extreme nausea.  You worry about what color to paint the nursery...we'll help you regain the energy to do it....well actually hire someone else to...those fumes aren't good for the baby!

LQV_SocialMediaPostFEB3 (1).png

The "Hangover" Bag

We've been there...while partying too late or working through an extra long weekend involving the stomach flu, sometimes you need some help getting on with your life.  500 ml of sodium saline, B-12, B-Complex, Anti-Nausea, and a little toradol should do just the trick​

Unicorn Headband

Covid Recovery

It's been a rough couple years.  Let's be honest.  Covid may happen...we can help.  With 500 ml of hydration and 7 + nutrients, we'll get you back on your feet and out of the mask!